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The List - The List



'The List' is a list of survival items that we recommend adding to your Survival Pack. 

The list is not static and may change based on continuing evaluation of new products and information. Gear thats good enough to make it on 'The List' has been field tested and approved by our community as practical and reliable for a wide range of survival situations with considerations that include durability, weight and value.

Each item on the 'The List' has a matching logic and decision tree that can be seen in more detail by clicking on the item or on the item list on the right. 

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There's a lot to consider when designing a survival pack but we'll follow these basic rules.

Conditions Priorities Rules

1. One Person
2. Escape and Evade
3. Northern Hemisphere
4. All seasons
5. Possible Zombie Contact
6. 6 Month re-supply cycle

1. Clothing
2. Water
3. Food
4. Shelter
5. Heat
6. Weapon
7. Medicine

1. Stay Dry
2. Stay Hydrated
3. Stay Organized
4. Move at comfortable pace

Items selected should be capable of reliably supporting 1 person for a minimum of 6 months.


ackpack Minimize
Backpack System

Outdoor Research Hydroseal Dry Sacks

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Clothing Minimize

Waterproof Coat with Hood

Columbia whatever


Where to Buy:

Recommended Alternate:
Walls Raincoat and Rain Pants

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:
Walls Online

Where to Buy:
Walls Online


100% Nylon
Snap Adjustment at Leg Hem
Suspender Buttons Inside Waistband
Right Hip Pocket w/Zippered Closure
Nylon Lining
Elastic Waistband w/Draw cord
Large Side Entry Pockets

Boots - ankle high or higher
Military Grade Poncho - (spend the money its worth it) - uses: Solar Still, Shelter, Rain Gear, etc.
Stocking Cap

Pants - two pairs
Shirts - 2 Long Sleave
Tshirts - 3
Socks - 3 pair

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Price Approx:

Shelter Minimize

Catoma Stealth I

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:

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Sleeping System Minimize
Sleeping System

Mummy Bag - 30 or less rated
Sleeping Pad - Military style roll up.

Stocking Cap - put on at night (already is in clothing kit)

Hammock - small GI style (also will be used as a net)

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Water Minimize

Purification System

Hankerchief filter and Boil - 5 minutes

Price Approx:
Hankerchief + Sticks

Where to Buy:
Virtually Free

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Mechanical Filtration System - Alternate

Katadyn Swiss Pocket Water Microfilter - 13,000 gallon capacity

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:
Wherever you find them the cheapest


    Capacity: 13,000 gallons - one gallon a day it would last 1 person 30-35 years before the filter needed to be replaced.
    Dimensions: 2.4 by 10 inches
    Output: 1 quart per minute
    Technology: 0.2-micron ceramic depth filter (cleanable)
    Weight: 20 ounces

    80 percent of all travel diseases are due to contaminated drinking water.

    3. Dry 68% Calcium Hypochlorite Granules
    This is the shock treatment chemical used in swimming pools.
    Kills Bacteria and Viruses. Not effective against all Protozoa.
    Does Not Neutralize Harmful Chemicals or Radioactive Particles.

    How to Use:
    The water should not be too cool. The water temperature should be 70°F or higher. If necessary, put the water in direct sunlight to raise the water temperature. The effectiveness of chlorine at killing pathogens diminishes rapidly at lower temperatures.

    Put 1/96 of an ounce (a pinch between thumb and finger) of 68% Calcium Hypochlorite granules into one gallon of water. Wait one-hour. If you can detect a faint chlorine smell in the water, then it is safe to drink.

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Food Minimize

Pemmican - w/ Fruit and Nuts
(for vitamin C)

Nutritional Information:
Serving size: 1 oz. (3.75 oz bar)
Calories 112
Calories from Fat ???
Carbohydrate 15.5g
Protein 4.3g

Price Approx:
Buy: $1.75
Make: $0.25

Where to Buy:
Bear Valley MealPack

Recommended Supplement / Alternate:
Peanut Butter - (whatever brand you like)

Nutrition Information:
Serving Size 1 oz
Calories 161
Calories from Fat 126
Carbohydrate 4.6g
Protein 7.3g

Price Approx:
$2.00 / Jar

Where to buy:
Local Supermarket


Additional Information: Many of the calories come from the fat in the peanut butter oil. Dried PB has much less calories.  If you can find it in pre-packeged foil packs get it, if not re-package it yourself in ziploc freezer bags

Emergency Alternate:
(Wolves/Coyote's survive primarily on mice. There are literally TONS of mice in the woods or prarie. Eat Them!)

Price Approx:
Nearly Free

Where to Buy:


1. Chop off head
2. Remove guts (just the intestines and gross stuff, save heart, lungs, liver)
3. Peel off skin
4. HARD BOIL for 15 MINUTES (to kill worm eggs/bacteria)(or less... its your life)
5. Eat... add salt if you've got some...

TIP: Mice and Rats taste just like Rabbit. When cooking rodents, pre-soaking for up to 5 hours and then boiling helps take away that pesky rodent flavor. If after boiling them you de-bone and cook the meat with other ingredients, the better the meat tastes.
Honorable Mentions:

High Fat Foods

Small Hammock doubles as gil net for fishing

Fishing can - size of small applejuice can - can used as reel, fishing line and tackle stored inside... screw on lit

Salt Block - put ziploc bag into your cooking pot, add water, stir into a slurry, leave out and let dry into a solid block. This reduces its size. To use, scrape off salt with knife.

Food Traps

Recommended - Large Animal:
Snare Kit

Where to Buy:


Recommended - Small Animal:
Its So Simple (ISS) Mouse Trap

Where to buy:

How to Make:
Dig 2 foot deep hole
Suspend Peanut Butter glob over hole

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Fire Minimize

Spark Device

Ultimate Survival Technologies BlastMatch Firestarter

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:

Recommended Alternate:
FireSteel Armegeddon

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:




Bic - Regular (child resistant best)

Price Approx:

Closest Match:
Djeep - with child proof button - No longer available

Solar Fire Starter

Fresnel Lenz - Flexible 8 x 11
(can burn a hole in concrete. Put in your pack flat against your back)

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:

Fire Pit Method

Dakota Fire Hole

How To Instructions:

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Cooking Minimize
Cooking Tools

Cooking Pot and Cup

Titanium Nesting Cup and Pot with Lid

Closest Match:
Brunton IB Cookset - Except its Aluminum

Snow Peak or Evernew Titanium 750ml Cup w/ lid

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:


Plate and Pan

Snow Peak Trek Titanium Plate - 7.5 in
(Doubles as a Pan)

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:


Additional Information:
Plate doubles as cooking pan when used with swiss army knife pliars

Eating Utensil

Titanium Spork

Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:

Heating Method

Recommended: Wood
Trail Designs Tri-Tri Titanium Caldera Wood Stove

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:
Titanium Goat

Make your own:
The Fire Bucket Stove System

Food Preperation / Table  

Thin Plastic Cutting Board
REI Campware Cutting Board - Polyethylene 15.75 x 9 x 1/8 inches

Price Approx:

Where to Buy:

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Knives Minimize

Main Utility and Defensive Knife

Cold Steel Kukuri

Where to Buy:

Tool Knife

Victorinox Swiss Champ
(Victorinox, not Weinger)

Where to Buy:

Pocket Chainsaw

Supreme Products Pocket Chainsaw

Where to Buy:



 Knife Sharpener

Gerber Diamond Knife Sharpener

Where to Buy:

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Guns & Weapons Minimize
Guns and Weapons

Sig 223 pistol
LMR or DPMS 308/7.62x51

Personal Gas Mask Defence Solutions Australia

Where to buy:

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Light Minimize


Ideal: Waterproof Dynamo Crank LED Flashlight with AA Lithium Battery

    Dynamo LED flashlight w/large AA size battery
    Life Gear WaterLight Waterproof Flashlight with Crank Power

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Navigation Minimize

Military Compass in hard case w/sight wire.
(mirrors break)

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First Aid Minimize
First Aid

First Aid Kit Contents

Coloidial Silver and maker
3 Razorblades
Pepto-Bismol (diarrhea)
Insect repellent
Suture Kit (military)
Cloth Tape - Not Moleskin!
Ace Bandage
Large Safety Pins
Tweezers - (in Swiss Army Knife)
Large Gauze Pads - 2
Magnifying glass - (in Swiss Army Knife)
Vitamin B Complex Tabs - (must have to survive on low fat diet)
2 Bandanas - (1 already in water filtering kit)

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Hygiene Minimize

1. coloidial silver maker


Ivory Bar Soap

Butt scraper

re-usable maxi pads

Waterproof Bag doubles as wash basin and bucket

Tri-folding shovel (E-tool) doubles as sit down toilet seat.

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Miscellaneous Tools Minimize
Miscellaneous Tools

Heavy Duct Tape - (100 mile an hour tape)

Type: Gorilla Tape/ Extra Sticky 3M Performance Plus / 3M 2245 Scotch Heavy Duty All-Weather Duct Tape

Quantity: 15 feet

Uses: Patch Material, First Aid, etc

Additional Information: You want this stuff to stick, and stay stuck firmly, when you really need it. Don't go cheap.


Type: Masonry Concrete Nails (length 3 1/2 in)

Quantity: 5


Uses: Snares, Shelter Making, etc

Additional Information: Made from *Carbon Steel*, concrete nails are practically bend proof/indestructable and can be reused many times.

 4 in Sewing Needles

Type: Sail Makers Needle or Equivlent Long Needle

Quantity: 3

Uses: General Sewing, Sewing through heavy clothing or pack material, First Aid.

Additional Information: Extended length allows sewing through tough/heavy/layered material with Swiss Army Knife Pliars.



Extra Prescription Eyewear if applicable.
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